Please include a brief cover letter and a third-person, fifty-word biography with your submission. Please do not put any identifying information in your actual work.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but we ask that you please notify us if they are accepted elsewhere so that we can celebrate with you.

We will respond to your work within sixty days of receiving.

We charge three dollars per submission so that we may cover our operating costs and work towards paying our writers and artists. This does not go to our team. We are not paid. This is a labor of love for all of us at The Passed Note.

For now, we pay selected artists and writers an honorarium of ten dollars per published piece.

We publish content that is for a young adult reading audience, but at this time we require that our artists and writers submitting work be over the age of twenty so as to not conflict with our target audience of 12-19.

To ensure a diversity of voices, we ask that authors we publish wait one year after publication to resubmit. Thank you.


Please submit only one work of short fiction (under 4,000 words) as a .doc or .docx. Please do not submit in Courier or Courier New. 


Please submit up to three previously unpublished poems in a single file (.doc, .docx, or .pdf) via our submissions manager. All poems should begin on a new page.


Please submit only one work of short non-fiction (under 4,000 words) as a .doc or .docx.

In the realm of visual art, we accept photographs, comics,  and paintings. 

Often, we fall in love with an artist's aesthetic, and typically choose one artist per issue. As such, it is not infrequent that we publish more than one piece per artist--which means more $$ for you! (For this, you may submit up to six pieces.)

For now, we pay selected artists and writers an honorarium of ten dollars per piece.

Please submit at 300 dpi as a .jpeg.